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Easy Tote Bag İdeas

First of all, we start the magic ring with 16 double handrails and we need to weave a base for our 6 rows of net bags. We will increase the number of each row by adding 6 rows in the last row will be the number of handrails 96. We need to reach this number to build our model. We complete the Almond model in 11th place. By pulling 4 chains in the mesh section, we can fix the knot with the needle into the slots and weave the desired length. Handle parts of the bag as a continuation of the image of the net is built on triangular parts are divided into 4 equal numbers to create the handle parts. You can use our net bag either as a market net or as an arm bag. For those who want to knit by changing the numbers and extending the size of the bag, 1 rope will not be enough. I’d like to give you that information. I wish the ladies who wish to knit the facilities already.


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