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Hooded Eye 6 Tips

Low eyes are divided into two; one of the eyelid which we will give you makeup tips in a moment, the eyelid is almost stuck to the lashes, the other one is low eyes, the other is the lower corner of the eyes because of the low-looking eyes.

Those with low eyelids complain that the eyeshadow disappeared the moment you make eye makeup and open the eyes. In addition, makeup on the eyelids is very easily dispersed, smears. At this point, the aim of the makeup is actually to highlight the beautiful parts of the face. From this point, we have put together some makeup tricks for those with low eyelids.

1- Hooded Eye Makeup: Dull and dark color primer away.
2- In the middle darkness, a dull shadow is removed from the eye spring with the eye shadow and the middle shadow of the eyebrow.
3 – Headlight eyelashes on the top and darkens as they go up.
4- Traditional pen is applied or made very fine.
5- Light shadow is made up from the tip of the eye at the bottom.
6- Hooded Eye Makeup: Only the upper eyelashes are painted.


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