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Summer Rose Tote Bag Models

You can adjust the size of your bag as you like. By setting the number of chains you can start the bag by pulling the chain of the desired length. After pulling the chains, we knit both sides of the chain with the same number of needles, without increasing or decreasing them until we reach the desired dimensions by knitting frequent needles.

Weave 2 rows of needle with marbling ropes between the knitting. We change color in these parts. We will plant our roses in the places we knit with marbling. When the bag is finished, you can sew the lining into it. It will be much more useful. You can place a split liner. We’re sewing a zipper into the bag. We’re putting the strap on.

If we are going to pass the primer roses and leaves before planting primer. You can learn any number of roses. We knit 2 leaves for each rose. If you wish, you can plant some roses as single

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